Profile of New NAHCON Chairman, Jalal Ahmed Arabi

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Jalal Arabi born in early 1960’s, was a Permanet Secetary of the State House in Nigeria, Located at Abuja.


Mr. Jalal Ahmad Arabi’s working vocation started in July, 1985 at the Ministry of Justice, Bauchi, Bauchi State. Utilized as a State Counsel, he hit the ground racing to the degree that scarcely one year later, his bosses had no choice than to demand that he be elevated to the post of Senior State Counsel. [1]


At the point when fortune and destiny choose to favor somebody, they do so dependably; and it so happened that inside another year, explicitly from 1987 to December 1989, the quick rising attorney held fortification at Manto Processing Ltd, Bauchi as Secretary/Legal Adviser and Head of Administration, a position he held at Bauchi State Water Board from 1989 to August 1990.


Having came, saw and vanquished at the Bauchi State Civil service in record times, the consideration of the proactive youngster moved to the government level and in August 1990, he joined the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Nigeria) and Water Resources as Legal Officer and Personal Assistant to the Honorable Minster. Furthermore, consequently he launched a profession experience that would see him ascending by a wide margin, in the mediating years, from one office and service to the next, beguiling everyone with his elevated level of ability, commitment to obligation and energy for greatness.


In May 1993, Jalal Arabi was moved to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) as Legal Adviser to Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF). This involved exhorting and taking an interest in both legitimate and authoritative issues including arrangement usage; shielding and speaking to the Presidency on legal and semi legal bodies, just as going to Joint Intelligence Board (JIB) and other security gatherings. After this voyage through obligation, Jalal Arabi was sent to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in December 2000 and for the following two years served obediently as Assistant Director (Rail).

His next port of call was the Ministry of Defence as the Deputy Director (Parastatals/Special Services) in January 2003. His obligations incorporate being accountable for the Para/Special Service Division which regulates the Armed Forces’ remote preparing, two-sided and multilateral relations with different countries and associations on military-common relations, security and knowledge matters. With this abundance of experience combined with his striking reputation in the lawful field, it went to nobody as an unexpected when he was made the State House Counsel in June, 2007.


Beside his typical obligations, Jalal Arabi has likewise dealt with different specially appointed work for his country throughout the years.

They incorporate being an individual from the Inter-Agency Committee for the Final Relocation and Settlement of Public Officers in Abuja – 1993; individual from Inter-Ministerial Committee on the Drafting of Terms of Reference and Procedures for the Ad-hoc Constitutional Bodies (Transition Committee, Constitutional Conference Committee and so forth) – 1994; and individual from Inter-Agency Committee on the Reorganization and Repositioning of the Trade Unions and Affiliate Associations – 1994.


With his eyes and heart fixed on accomplishing higher scholarly shrubs, the youth went through the following two years (1978 to 1980) at the College of Arts and Science, Bauchi, where he got his IJMB Certificate before berthing at the renowned University of Jos in 1980. By 1983, Jalal had done what’s necessary to procure his Law degree, LLB (Hons) following which he moved to the Council of Legal Education, Lagos, where he sacked his BL in 1984. Outfitted with his shining scholastic qualifications, he went to the work advertise in the journey for an occupation.


He was additionally the Assistant Secretary of the Panel on Review of Judiciary and Police 1994; Member of Nigerian Legal Team on Bakassi – 1994 to 2002; individual from the Sub-Committee on International Criminal Court (ICC) – 1996 to 2000; individual from Nigerian Delegation to the UN Human Rights Committee, Geneva – 1996 to 2000; and furthermore individual from the Ministerial Committee on Re-appraisal of the Nigerian Railway and Repositioning of the Rail Transport Project – 2001. That is notwithstanding being individual from the Ministerial Committee on the Reorganization of the Military Pension Board – 2003; individual from Ministerial Committee on the Re-assessment and Re-evaluation of Bilateral Military Assistance to Defense Personnel – 2003; Member of Inter-Agency Panel on the Clash between Nigeria Air Force and Nigerian Police Personnel – 2003; administrator of Ministry of Defense Anti-Corruption Unit 2003; individual from Presidential Committee on Financial Action Task Force from 2009 to date: and individual from Presidential Committee on Inter-Professional Relationship in the Health Sector



As at the time he seemed to be “planted” in Islamiyya Primary School, Jos Plateau state between the late 1960s and the mid 1970s, it was difficult to divine which way predetermination would lead him. In any case, as time went on, it step by step became obvious that youthful Jalal resembled a blossom bound to sprout.


You may ponder who the fundamental Permanent Secretary is and what he is accustomed to and what is most important to him?


The story began on October 28, 1962 when Jalal was born in Jos, Plateau state.


Albeit a local of Gombe state, he grasped the city of his introduction to the world with great enthusiasm, enlisting at the Islamiyya School in 1967.


Subsequent to getting his First School Leaving Certificate in 1973, Jalal continued to Government Secondary School Gombe that equivalent year, adjusting school in 1978 with an advantageous presentation in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASC) assessment


As part of his quest for knowledge and continuous self-improvement, he has attended a legion of conferences, seminars, both at home and abroad, including Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, (Legal Drafting); ASCON, (Management) 1993 University of Maryland, College Park, (Negotiations) – 1990, Jesus College, Cambridge, (Economics Ethnics and Etiquette), 1996 and World Bank Institute, (Public-Private Partnership) 2000. Others include Institution forHigher Defence Studies, Paris, (Counter-Terrorism) 2003, Africa Centre for Strategic Studies, (Seminar on Strategy and Command) 2004; Geneva Centre for Security Policy, (Security Policy) 2006; Marshall Centre for Security Studies Germany, (Counter-Terrorism) 2006; Naval Postgraduate School Monterey, California, (Civil-Military Relations) 2005; Harvard Business School, (Negotiations for Development) 2010; RIPA, UK, (Management) etc., 2011; ILI Washington (Leadership, etc.) 2013 and LSE, UK (Management) 2014.[3]

Source: Muhammed from Yobe

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