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Global - November 19, 2022

Controversy as Egypt refuse to dispatch 100 Umrah pilgrims over barcode


The Umrah barcode has sparked a major crisis in Egypt after an incident involving the return of 100 pilgrims to Cairo International Airport because they did not receive a “code” for Umrah travel on the Egyptian Hajj and Umrah portal.


Some time ago, the Ministry of Tourism announced that the Umrah barcode was only valid for one week and that pilgrims should set off immediately after it was issued, indicating that more than 100 people were returned before they traveled with Saudi Airlines. because the competent authorities asked them for a personal barcode, and they did not have it.


Egypt has launched the umrah barcode through the Egyptian portal for umrah since this year, according to Noura Ali, head of the parliamentary tourism committee, who explained that many pilgrims have used it: procedures, including the barcode “tourism”.


The “Barcode” of the Egyptian Umrah Portal is a guide sharing confirmed programs issued by travel companies whose contracts have been documented by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to operate during the Umrah season.


According to Mustafa Faragha, tourism expert, a pilgrim who receives the umrah gate identification barcode confirms the validity of the umrah visa, the validity of the program and the completion of the booking of all services related to the umrah trip, according to Mustafa Faragha, a tourism expert explaining that ” barcode” allows relevant agencies and authorities such as the Ministry of Tourism at airports and ports to view the details of the trip. Follow-up of the pilgrim during his umrah rituals and immediate intervention to resolve any problem, as well as checking the pilgrim in case any harm and fatigue, until his safe return to his country.


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He goes on to say that with the help of a barcode, the Egyptian Umrah Gate controls Mutamir’s pilgrimage throughout his time, and this barcode also makes it easier to obtain data from the organizing companies and authorities monitoring his Umrah trip.



Farage added that one of the most important functions of the Umrah 2022 barcode is to close opportunities for scammers who mislead citizens about the possibility of traveling for Umrah, without complying with any programs for travel companies and the ministry, which makes them surprised when travel. that there are no suitable places and they are at risk of accepting bad conditions, pointing to the Barcode guarantees citizens their rights inside and outside Egypt, and also guarantees that they will not be exposed to any troubles or fraud that occurs when working with brokers. , intermediaries and fictitious persons.


And the Chamber of Travel Companies has warned those wishing to travel to Saudi lands for Umrah rituals to avoid dealing with intermediaries that mislead citizens about the possibility of traveling to Umrah away from tourism companies and outside the Umrah gate system.


Source: Arab business + constitution.


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