Hajj 2024: India Hajj committee announce April 27 deadline for Final payment, set  Rs 15,180 Hadaya fee

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Haj Committee of India has set the fee for Qurbani at Rs 15,180 per pilgrim this year.

The Telangana Haj House has declared April 27, 2024, as the deadline for pilgrims to make the final payment of the Haj fee. This announcement follows the guidelines set by the Haj Committee of India in their latest circular.

Shaik Liyakhat Hussain, the executive officer of the Telangana State Haj Committee, explained that the total fee for each pilgrim has been outlined in a detailed table. This table includes provisional amounts which might change depending on the actual costs incurred. He urged those who have already paid the initial and second installments to settle their remaining balances by the specified date.

The fee structure is divided into two parts depending on whether the pilgrim opts for Qurbani or not. Those who have chosen not to include Qurbani have so far paid Rs 81,800 and must now pay an additional Rs 98,080, bringing their total to Rs 3,49,880. Conversely, pilgrims who included Qurbani have paid Rs 1,70,000 and have a balance of Rs 82,900 left, totaling Rs 3,34,700.

Liyakhat Hussain also advised that before making their final payments, pilgrims should confirm the exact amount due on the official Haj Committee of India website. Payments can be made via downloadable bank payment challans from the State Bank of India or Union Bank of India. These challans can be accessed using a unique Bank Reference Number provided on the website.

The Haj Committee of India has set the fee for Qurbani at Rs 15,180 per pilgrim this year. Additionally, pilgrims traveling with infants must pay an extra Rs 9,700 per child. It is crucial for all pilgrims to adhere to the payment deadline to ensure their participation in the Haj pilgrimage.

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