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Global - Hajj News - August 9, 2022

Saudi Arabia launch project to recycle Hajj pilgrims’ iharams for reuse



Saudi Arabia National Center for Waste Management (MWAN) clarified that they recycle the ihrams of the Hajj pilgrims after their usage to benefit from them again.


The clarification came as MWAN highlighted its initiative to recycle the ihrams for Hajj 1443 AH, which aims to benefit from them instead of carelessly disposing of them.


The center explained that the initiative began after everyone intensified their efforts to participate in the project for recycling the ihrams. The pilgrims cooperated by handing over their ihrams after completing their rituals.


The center published a video through its official account on Twitter, explaining the mechanism that is being adopted to recycle the ihrams, after they were collected from the pilgrims’ camps at the end of the pilgrimage.


After collecting the Ihrams, the center sorts them, sterilizes them, washes them and puts them in transparent bags, and then they repair the damaged ones to be used again.


MWAN, during its first participation in the Hajj season 1443 AH, took the initiative to raise awareness and enrich positive behavior among pilgrims.


In addition to recycling the ihrams, MWAN has raised awareness of pilgrims about the waste recycling initiative, which aims to preserve the environment and sustainably protect it from all causes of pollution.


Saudi Gazette


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