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This too shall pass – Lamentation of Hajj 2020 pilgrims  



There are more than fifty Muslim countries in the world. Some among them are prominent for being a part of the global nuke club while as a few are immensely wealthy. But, none among them is known to every Muslim of the world except Saudi Arabia. Yes, Saudi Arabia is the only country which is known to every Muslim men and women of the world.


Even, the country is famous among non-Muslims of the world as well. The country is dear to Allah SWT also and the Muslims of the world. The prominence of the country in the Muslim world is not for its rich mineral oil wealth, it is not dear to Allah SWT for being affluent and opulent. It is dear to Almighty Allah and the Muslims of the world for being the motherland and resting place of our intercessor, our beloved prophet Muhammadi Arabi Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam.


Followers and true slaves of beloved Prophet Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam crave for a glimpse of His motherland, Makkah and resting place, Madinah. Dargah Hazratbal is kept in high reverence by Kashmiri Muslims for being abode to the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam.


Now, my readers can guess the reverence, awe and love of Makkah and Madinah in the hearts of Muslims. These two cities are so sacred and dear to Muslims and believers that many would walk barefooted in the streets and roads of these two cities.


Muslims across the globe throng this country throughout the year, to perform Ummrah and Hajj rituals. Least bothering about the sizzling weather and scorching heat, Hajj pilgrims make every effort to visit these cities. Khana Kaabah, Masjidi Nabvi and other places of worship remain abuzz with pilgrims throughout the year. The month of Zil-Hajja witnesses the mass gatherings of three to four million Hajj pilgrims every year. It is Allah’s commandment and beloved prophet’s ( Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam ) love which attracts Muslims of all ages to Saudi Arabia.


Those who live far away from Saudi Arabia, spend huge amounts to reach there. Many believers save the required amount for many years, and then set out for the holy voyage. They take meticulous care of the legitimacy of every penny and rupee, meant for the Hajj. It is pertinent to mention here that it needs lakhs of rupees for a pilgrim to perform the Hajj.


Though it is obligatory for rich and affluent only, but believers irrespective of their economic strengths, have a great longing to visit the land of their beloved prophet Muhammad Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam.


Believers supplicate before Allah SWT to bestow them with all the necessities to perform Hajj. A prayer (Namaaz ) in Khana Kaabah is equal to one lakh prayers, a prayer at Masjid Nabwi Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam is equal to fifty thousand prayers. And the beloved Prophet Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam has said that when a believer looks at Khana Kaabah, his/her sins are forgiven except the major ones. Thus, Hajj is indeed a great source of earning the pleasure of Allah SWT. But, the greatest joy of a believer is the opportunity to behold the green Dome with open eyes.


Since my childhood days, I have been watching my mother praying for the holy voyage on her prayer mat. My father would often talk to us (Me and my siblings) about his great wish and longing to perform Hajj. (Tuhi Parew Jaan Taeleem, Pate Lagew Mulaazim, Te Atti Gatchhaw Aes Hajjas). “Let you study well to fetch a good job, so that we can perform Hajj.” My father used to persuade us.


With the passage of time, my father’s hard work and honesty bore him the fruit of his toil and labour. I and my siblings managed to earn degrees from different universities, and finally got job berths in different government departments. My father’s bad days ended, and he became a king of monarchs.


By monarch, I mean educated, mannered and obedient children. His dream came true. We constructed his dream house, got ourselves married and brought different luxuries home. But, all these material comforts didn’t satiate and satisfy my father. He had a dream since his hard days to perform Hajj along with my mother.


Finally, he saw his decade old wish coming true. It was November 2019, when my younger brother brought two hard copies of forms from Hajj house Srinagar. And in the evening, When I asked my father for his and my mother’s Passport copies and Aadhar cards, he was just surprised but jubilant as well.  With Hajj forms and pen in my hand, my father asked the reason. “What are you supposed to do with our passports and Aadhar cards.” I smiled and said, “Abba, both of you have to perform the Hajj this year”. My words sent jubilant waves through his blood vessels. He embraced me and began to weep secretly. I could understand his emotions.


From a labourer to an affluent and rich person, my father has journeyed well through the ebbs and flows of life. He just couldn’t believe my words, and went to my younger brother to confirm the same from him.


Since that day, my parents, particularly my father began to make preparations. He would often try to learn the Hajj Talbeeha from our Imaam Sahab. He would increase his prayers, duroods and supplications because these are the real gifts a Hajj pilgrim can take with himself/herself to Madinah. After depositing the two installments in the account of Hajj committee of Jammu and Kashmir, my parents were all set to perform the Hajj 2020. But ‘Man proposed and God disposes ’ is a famous maxim of life.

After declaring COVID19, a pandemic by the world health organisation, my father could not have thought in his wildest imaginations, that the pandemic will lead to the cancellation of Hajj 2020. My father continued with his spiritual purification and preparation. But, the rising cases of COVID19 across the globe would leave my father embarrassed. He would often talk to me about the Hajj 2020. With the closure of Khana Kaabah and Masjidi Nabvi, my father would lose hopes. But, he was optimistic as well.

But, some days earlier, when we ( I and my father ) were talking about the chances Hajj 2020, my brother opened the door of the room and said at once,” Hajj committee of India has asked the probable pilgrims to take their money back, Hajj Pilgrimage 2020 is about to be cancelled, though Saudi officials haven’t yet confirmed it officially.” My father’s face turned pale, he began to grumble and said to me, “Is it true”. I tried hard to console him but how. He looked towards the skies and said, “O the Owner of Khana Kaabah, how long shall I wait to visit Your house ( Khana Kaabah). Haven’t you rectified my palm lines perfectly, is there any other predicament left in my fate? My father broke down and began to cry before the Lord of all lords.


Now, my father is often seen dejected and sad. He is probably well aware about the fact that Hajj Pilgrimage may not be resumed in next few years. He is considering himself guilty. A septuagenarian, my father is considering himself a ripe pear.


But, I know my Abbu’s honesty, faith, willpower and perseverance. He will surely mount Safa and Marwa, he will circumambulate the holly Kaabah, will prostrate in Masjidi Nabwi (Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam) and will gaze at the holy Prophet’s green dome from point blank.


My father, I know the miseries and hardships, you have gone through, I know the challenges and odd times you have defeated. This too shall pass. You and my mother will perform Hajj. Kamli Waala Salallahu-Aliahiwasalam will invite you to Mekkah and Madinah. Live long my Abbu and Ami


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