8,600 kms in 370 days: Indian man’s epic Haj journey from Kerala to Mecca

by admin


Shihab Chottur covered the 440 km distance between Medina and Mecca in nine days. (Image: Instagram/ Shihab Chottur)


In June last year, a Kerala man started on the arduous journey of travelling on foot to Saudi Arabia for Haj. It took him a little over 365 days to finish the over 8600 km-long trek.


It took a Kerala man a little over a year (approximately 370 days) to walk from his state to the holy city of Mecca. For Shihab Chottur, the journey, which spanned 8,640 km, took him through Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and finally Saudi Arabia. And just to reiterate, he completed the journey on foot.


Shihab Chottur, who hails from Valancherry in Kerala’s Malappuram district, started his marathon trek to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj on June 2, 2022. He reached Mecca this month.


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