Free Hajj trips: Maldives conducts lottery to select beneficiaries

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Lots have been drawn by the Islamic Ministry this afternoon to determine the receivers of the annual free Hajj trip. In addition to the 50 recipients, 10 more individuals were selected during the draw as replacements in case of relinquishment of a ticket.

During the lottery draw to determine recipients of the free Hajj trip this year

Under President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s vow to send 1000 underprivileged Maldivians to Hajj in the next five years, a lottery has been drawn to determine the first 50 individuals receiving free Hajj trips this year.

These lots to determine the fifty individuals were drawn during a ceremony held by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs this afternoon.

The individuals selected for pilgrimage under this free Hajj offer is selected by drawing lots among those recorded in the register of underprivileged persons. Ministry of Islamic Affairs had further formulated a policy that highlights the regulations and standards for issuing free Hajj travels under the Government’s sponsorship.

The State had determined to issue these free pilgrimages to individuals aged fifty to sixty in the first three years while the remaining two years will observe individuals aged forty-five to sixty-nine receiving the opportunity.

A student who helped in the draw displays the ID card number of a lucky Hajj trip recipient.

The Ministry had revealed that 892 individuals aged fifty to sixty-nine are recorded in the register for the poor and needy while 667 individuals of these meet the requirements. The lottery drawn today were amongst these 667 people who met the standards for warranting the trip.

An additional ten individuals have also been selected through the lottery held today to be passed down the opportunity for this Pilgrimage travel if one of the selected fifty face any conditions rendering them unable to attend the pilgrimage.

Accommodation in Male’ City alongside travel expenses of these free Hajj receivers traveling to Hajj through the state will also be arranged by the State.

The cabinet has determined to establish the funds of these 50 people traveling to Hajj this year through the Zakat Fund. Deliberations were held to acquire funds for these Hajj trips through the State budget of the upcoming years as well as through the sponsorship of various external parties.

Under this policy, five conditions for the selection of these underprivileged individuals were stated. The policy outlines the requirements of having been recorded in the register of the poor and needy, fitting the age criteria of the announcement, never before having performed Hajj, having a good state of health that allows performance of Hajj and being under 69 years old before the selection.


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