Hajj 2019: Yobe state responds to Hajj Reporters FOI request on Hadaya

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Hajj 2019: Yobe state responds to Hajj Reporters FOI request on Hadaya


Yobe State Pilgrims Commission has responded to a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request by Independent Hajj Reporters on the number of pilgrims from the state who have so far paid their Hadaya (animal sacrifice), through Jaiz bank as directed by the Nationa Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

IHR has on June 26, 2019 written to some selected State Muslim Pilgrims boards and commissions requesting for the details of all Pilgrims that have paid for their Hadaya through the Bank as requested.


NAHCON had said that it decided to request Pilgrims to pay their Hadaya through the bank, which will turn remit all amount generated to the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), who will eventually carry out the exercise on behalf of the pilgrims.

Findings by Independent Hajj Reporters indicate that Nigerian pilgrims have over the years fallen victims of con men who collect money from them on the pretext that they will carry out the sacrifice for them, but will eventually fail to do it.

Instead, the con men, which cut across some officials and a cross-section of Nigerians living in Saudi Arabia pocket the money.

NAHCON agreed with the states to use Jaiz bank to ensure transparency I’m the exercise.

IHR has decided to monitor the conduct of the exercise this year and publish it’s findings after the Hajj exercise.


Yobe state on July 19 became the first state to respond to the FOI request via a letter signed by the secretary of the state pilgrims commission Alhaji Kaku Amzam Gwayo.


Alhaji Gwayo said the state has a total of 1,253 pilgrims comprising of 1,240 pilgrims, 5 officials and 8 members of the National Medical Team.

He also indicated that out of the 1,253 pilgrims, ” a total of 56 pilgrims from the state have paid for their Hadaya through the Jaiz Bank as at 19th July 2019.”

Alhaji Gwayo also said Jaiz bank has already issued those that paid their receipts.

A list of all those who paid was also attached to the FOI response by the Yobe state pilgrims commission.

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