Hajj 2022: Gombe To begin Airlift Of Pilgrims June 20

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The Executive Secretary of the Gombe State, Muslims Pilgrims’ Welfare Board, Sa’adu Hassan, said June 20 and 21, 2022 have been fixed for airlifting of intending Pilgrims to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to perform Hajj exercise this year.



Sa’adu Hassan made this known in an exclusive interview with Voice of Nigeria (VON) in Gombe, on preparation of Hajj exercise, where more than one thousand pilgrims are set to participate from Gombe State.



“Alhamdulillah one thousand one hundred and five from Muslims Pilgrims will be airlifted by Max air from Lawanti International Airport Gombe, Gombe State to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj exercise, starting from  20 to 21 June 2022, by God’s Grace if everything is okay, these  number of Pilgrims will be carried on tow trips.”


On the health care services for Pilgrims, he called on all intending Pilgrims to make sure they have received Covid-19 vaccine,


“Corona virus Vaccine is very important, as discovered by the Authorities that some pilgrims got Vaccine Card without being vaccinated. Saudi Arabian government notified NAHCON, that they will conduct vaccination test on arrival at the Airport, if anyone was found not vaccinated he or she will not be allowed into Saudi and from Airport he will be sent back home, so NAHCON is warning those with the Vaccine cards and not vaccinated to get vaccinated before airlifting date. Same as Gombe State’s Muslims Pilgrims Welfare Board Secretary.”


Alh Hassan said Gombe pilgrims got very nice accommodation at a cheap rate, also closer to the Holy Mosques than previous years.


“Last two weeks, we went to Saudi Arabia, to search for accommodation and thank God, we got fine one which is cheaper than that of 2019.

In the past each pilgrim paid SR 3000 par bed space or there about, while now is SR 2000 per bed space, there is discount of SR 1000, this as a result of low number of Pilgrims to perform Hajj this year, which only one million people across the globe, unlike in past years, almost one million five hundred thousand Pilgrims across the globe performed Hajj.”



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