Hajj 2023: Two Pakistanis travelling on foot for four months and twelve days arrives Saudi Arabia

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Two Pakistanis intending pilgrims has reached Saudi Arabia after traveling on foot for four months and twelve days with the intention of performing Hajj on foot.

According to the details, Khalid Abdul Ghafoor and Zeeshan, residents of Faisalabad, set out on foot on December 2 2022 with the intention of performing 2023 Hajj

They have now arrives #Saudi Arabia After four months and twelve days by walking thirty kilometers every day

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Speaking to Pak Media Forum Saudi Arabia, Khalid Abdul Ghafoor and Zeeshan expressed their happiness and said that they are thankful to Allah for giving us courage and encouragement and that they have entered Saudi Arabia. Now our destination is Allah and it is Dar Aqdas of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) where he started his journey with the intention and we pray that Allah will fulfill his intention and enable him to fulfill the duty of Hajj Bayt Allah .

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Pak Media Forum has hailed the bravery and courage of Khalid and Zeeshan and congratulated them for entering Saudi Arabia and prayed that Allah Almighty will bring them to Makkah and Madinah in health and safety.

So that their heart’s desire may be fulfilled, Amen.

Source: proiqra.com


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