JUST IN: Niger announces 3,258,733 FCFA Hajj fare

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After a revision of the cost of services by the Saudi authorities, the 2023 Hajj Price is set in Niger at 3,258,733 FCFA instead of 3,603,840 FCFA, i.e. a drop of 345,107 FCFA initially announced.

This announcement was made by the Minister of Commerce Alkache Alhada during an  information meeting which he chaired, this Monday, April 03, 2023, in the presence of COHO officials, heads of travel agencies and consumer associations. .

Trade Minister Alkache Alhada recalled “that the main changes and increases that took place at the time were linked to the fact that the Saudi authorities had increased the services at their level”.

“They subsequently seized the Nigerien authorities in charge of Hajj, in particular the COHO, to announce that they were substantially revising the cost of their services at the local level”, added the Minister of Commerce. Thus, the services which were 933,816 FCFA are reduced to 588,753 FCFA.

Another small change also concerns the pilgrim insurance which was at 29 rials is reduced to 28.75 rials.

Regarding the pilgrims who have started to pay (about 5,000 people), the Minister of Commerce has indicated that their balance of 345,107 FCFA will be reimbursed.

It should also be noted that the Minister signed Order 0028 of April 3, 2023 amending and supplementing Order 071 of March 8, 2023, setting this ceiling price for the 2023 hajj.

Source: Niger Express

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