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Global - December 14, 2022

6 Must-Know Tips for Hajj 2023

By Guest writer, Dur-e-Sabih

Hajj is the most enlightening experience where millions of Muslims from all corners embark on a strenuous yet soul-cleansing journey to Holy Makkah. It is the last pillar of Islam and is performed on the last month of the Islamic calendar.


The Blessings of Hajj for Muslims

Hajj is not a test of your financial or physical capabilities; it is an expression to show love and devotion to your creator and a chance to seek forgiveness for all your sins. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

Whoever performs Hajj while abstaining from profanity, obscenities, and wrangling; shall come back home like an infant. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)


One who performs Hajj correctly and with a pure heart will receive a reward after his death which is surely a paradise. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;


A second Umrah will be a compensation of your sins since the first one, and for Hajj-e-Mabroor, the reward is the Jannah (paradise) itself. (Bukhari, Kitaab Al Hajj)


Moreover, this soul-nourishing journey helps you connect with your faith and experience unity, equality, and brotherhood in the House of Allah. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of us.

Useful Tips &Advice for Hajj Journey

The basic tip for all Muslims is to remember Allah and make as much supplication as possible. This will help you gather the strength, time, and resources to perform the Hajj successfully.


As luck would have it, you will be a part of the crew heading to the birthplace of Islam to perform hajj; it is vital to learn some important Hajj tips for 2023.


1.   Keep Multiple Copies of Your Documents Handy

Hajj is a rewarding experience for all Muslims. However, all the hustle and bustle while packing up for the trip may get you into a situation where you lost essential documents.


Of course, you are going for virtue, but the country you are visiting has certain rules that you must follow to precede safely. Create multiple copies of your documents and place them in different areas.


For instance, in your luggage, wallet, etc. Moreover, get all the necessary vaccinations and certificates to prove your compliance. Also, it will help you avoid infections in such an overwhelming crowd. Taking proactive measures is way better than crying over a last-minute hassle.

2.   Keep Your Essentials

You will need some essentials during your trips. Therefore, make a list of all the essentials, such as bed sheets, pillows, mattresses, towels, tissues, toiletries, small bags, and anything that will help you survive the blazing weather of Saudi Arabia.


Ensure the presence of these essentials in your luggage multiple times. Women should keep abayas (gowns) and Hijabs to be on the safer side. Make sure to pack some comfortable hijabs; chiffon hijabs would be much better as they are breathable.


Moreover, consider investing in a small bag with compartments, so you can arrange your essentials properly instead of diving into your huge bag to fetch them.

3.   Stay Fit

Besides packing an all-inclusive suitcase, you should work on your fitness as well. You will have to run amok while performing hajj. Most of us forget that we may have to travel 20 miles during hajj. Not only this, you will have to face a crowd of millions while walking. Therefore, it is imperative to bring your attention to your physical state before starting. Select a fitness regime and stick to it until D-day arrives.


This will help your health accustom to a physical burden, which will help you perform your religious duties smoothly. The earlier you start your journey, the more it will be easy to embrace your fitness goals. It is recommended to start your fitness journey six months before the hajj.

4.   Make a List of Duas

Allah is listening to your duas 24/7, but some of them are so close to our hearts we dream of makingthem in the House of Allah (SWT). Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said that the prayers made in Masjid Al Haram will reward you 100,000 times more than anywhere else.


However, when you see the first glimpse of the Holy Kaaba, all the worldly thoughts get erased from your mind. Nothing will be left except a sense of gratitude and tears of joy. When you realize which duas to make, you might be landing back in your home country.


Therefore, list all the duas you wish to make there. Keep a hajj journal with you and record every moment of this incredible and reverent journey. Moreover, install the Muslim Pro app on your phone, so you can read the Holy Quran on the plane and get ready to visit the birthplace of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

5.   Patience Is a Key

Maybe you have imagined a scenario prostrating in front of Ka’ba in a quiet place. This isn’t the case; you will be swarmed by millions of people with bombarding noise that can test your patience.


But you must understand that they also travelled miles to perform this religious duty. Therefore, you must keep control of yourself and be patient with everyone you meet there.


You will get there to seek forgiveness for your past sins, not to add up more. If you keep yourself cool, you will not find anything to antagonize you. So work on your patience as well to ensure the best Hajj experience.


6.   Control Food and Water Intake

This is also an important part of your Hajj journey. Let us tell you that it would be hard to find toilets on Hajj, which means consuming a large amount of food and water will catch you off guard.


Even if you find the washroom, it will not be clean as many people use it. This can give some room to hygienic concerns, so it is best to reduce your food and water intake and avoid getting infected.

Bottom Line

Hajj is imperative for every financially and physically capable man. Watching the Ka’ba and other holy places with your bare eyes is a dream for many Muslims.


If you are lucky enough to perform this religious duty, pursue the earlier-mentioned tips to get the most out of this journey. This will help you stop these side hassles from popping up so you can dedicate your time and attention to please Allah and seek forgiveness.


Best of luck with your soul-sanctifying journey!


Dur-e-Sabih provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. Her educational background in Accountancy helps her in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development, finance, and digital marketing.  


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