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Global - May 10, 2021

NAHCON Awaits Clarification as Saudi Announces Conditional Hajj 2021


Murtala Adewale


Saudi Arabia authority on Sunday declared that hajj 2021 will hold amidst special conditions relating to health protocols and safety measures against the global health burden COVID-19.


A release from the Hajj and Umrah Ministry said the annual spiritual exercise “will go ahead this year with all the health, security and regulatory standards and regulations in place in order to preserve the health and well being of the pilgrims”.


Meanwhile, the authority revealed that it would sooner announce the specific measures and organizational plans at a later date.


Although, the announcement released by Saudi’s hajj authority may have diffused concern and uncertainty roving around the possibility of hajj 2021, it is not clear whether the condition will be different from the 2020 protocols.


Last year, the Saudi government disallowed the participation of international pilgrims while restricted the pilgrimage to residents of Saudi Arabia, due to the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Consequently, the usual pilgrimage that traditional witnessing not less than 2.5 million Muslims from around the globe was reduced to 1,000 pilgrims residents in the kingdom.

Reacting to the development, Chairman, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, Barr. Zikrullah Kunle Hassan noted that Nigeria hajj manager is still waiting patiently for subsequent clarification.


Barr. Zikrullah who confirmed the latest announcement from Saudi government to our reporter however hinted that, NAHCON was still expecting more notice in days to come.


” We are still awaiting further clarification. There was hajj last year but for only those in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We know the clarification is a matter of days” Barr. Zikrullah noted.

In same vein, the publisher of Hajjreporters, Mal. Muhammad Ibrahim believed the announcement has given hope to Nigeria pilgrims and Hajj administrators in the country and also creates an atmosphere that will enable Hajj stakeholders to bring forth hajj operational plans.


“What change would this announcement made as far as Nigeria preparation for hajj is concern. I will say, it will change a lot of things because hajj participating countries includes Nigeria have been waiting for a clue of hope before kick starting some major pre hajj operations plans.


” So, What we expect of hajj authorities in Nigeria, to start doing now is to keep be at alert from now so that they can swing into operational activities as soon as formal announcement on involvement of foreign pilgrims is announced”. Ibrahim said.

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