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Global - January 13, 2021

The Technology behind movable domes of the Prophet’s Mosque

The domes of the Prophet’s Mosque are a unique and distinct innovation that attracts the attention .. When were they built, how many of them and what is the use of them?

The movable domes are a shape of beauty above the Prophet’s Mosque –peace and prayers be upon him-, it was characterized by a beautiful construction with a unique innovation which attracts the attention of the visitors.

Moving domes are a civilizational achievement that attracts the attention of visitors of the Prophet’s Mosque, so that they find their comfort and perform the acts of obedience with a peace of mind. When they are build, how many of them, what is the use of it?

The government of Saudi Arabia is keen on providing the services that compatible with the visitors’ needs. However, in the great expansion during the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques -King Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud – may Allah have mercy on him – these movable domes were built, and by that the government of Saudi Arabia has looked for developing the Prophet’s Mosque and its services which provided to the visitors and worshipers, and which indicates the keenness of the rulers in what benefits

Islam and Muslims, and by taking care of the important Islamic holy sites.

There are 27 movable domes, which are periodically maintained. Every dome was installed on a square base with a length of 18 m and 80 tons weigh, they move on iron bars with a total length of 1573 m. They were made by a concrete covered by solid cedar wood slats with a thickness of 2 mm gathered with a special glue and decorated with a wooden distinctive geometric shapes and with pieces of blue turquoise, while externally they are covered with pieces of small hexagonal ceramic mosaic of 60 mm diameter, the basic color is light beige which decorated with lines of geometric shades in the color of turquoise .

The domes of the Prophet’s Mosque are opened and closed automatically by control devices linked to the main control room to keep the cold air inside the mosque, and it helps to provide the appropriate climate.

The most prominent benefit of the domes is the transmission of sound echo throughout the Prophet’s Mosque.

The Agency of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque is keen on paying attention to everything related to the provided services in the Prophet’s Mosque in order to develop them, which comes in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision which indicates the keenness of the Saudi Government -may Allah protect them- for what benefits Islam and Muslims and cares of the important Islamic holy site



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