8 Places in Masjid al-Haram Where Duas Are Always Accepted

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These 8 Places in Masjid al-Haram where Allah accept your duas right away. Find out which places they are and pray at these specific locations.



  1. Maqam e Ibrahim

Maqam e Ibrahim is a sacred place located inside Masjid Al-Haram. It is sunnah to offer 2 Rakat of prayer at Maqam e Ibrahim. Duas you make at this location will never be rejected.

  1. Safa and Marwa

This place is also among the places in Masjid al-Haram where duas are accepted because it is the place where Bibi Hajra mother of Prophet Ismail (AS) ran for water. Making dua while Saee is never rejected.

  1. Below Meezab e Rehmat

Meezab e Rehmat is a gold spout located at the top of the Kaaba, between Rukn e Shami and Rukn e Iraqi from where the rainwater drop onto Hijr Ismail.


People believe that this water is full of blessings and shifa. It is also believed that every dua made under Meezab e Rehmat is always accepted.

  1. Inside Kaaba

We know that doors of Holy Kaaba are never opened for Public, only special personalities are allowed to enter. Dua one makes inside it is always accepted.

  1. Hajr e Aswad (The black stone)

Hajr e Aswad is also known as The Black Stone came from heaven which was presented to Prophet Ibrahim (AS) so he can place in the corner of the Kaaba. If a person gets an opportunity to kiss the black stone, always make dua as it is said to be accepted.

  1. Hateem / Hijr Ismail

The reward of praying at Hateem or Hijr Ismail is equal to praying inside the Holy Kaaba. Hijr Ismail or Hateem is also a place in Majid Al Haram where duas are accepted.

  1. Multazam

It is the area which is located alongside Hajr e Aswad on one side, Door of Kaaba on the other side. After completion of Tawaf, one should come to this point and make dua.

  1. Mataf

It is the place where you perform Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba. It is being said that when you perform Tawaf, your all supplications are accepted as long as you’re in Mataf.


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