Afghan intending pilgrim starts 2022 Hajj journey on bicycle

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Noor Ahmad, an Afghan citizen, has started traveling on his bicycle to perform Hajj.


Noor Ahmad, from Afghanistan, has opted for his bicycle, refusing to take a government-sponsored flight to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

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According to foreign media reports, Noor Ahmed does not face any shortage of financial resources. It is Noor Ahmed’s own wish to travel for Hajj on a bicycle.


Regarding his decision, Noor Ahmad said, “I intend to make this journey for Hajj on my own and I am doing this to fulfill the command of Allah Almighty.”


It should be noted that every year millions of people travel from their home countries to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and this is not the first time that one has traveled a long distance on his bicycle to Makkah to perform this duty.

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Earlier, a young Russian cyclist had reached the Holy Hijaz after a long journey on his bicycle.


In 2016, Bolat Naseeb Abdullah, a 24-year-old young Russian cyclist, started his journey on the first day of Ramadan and covered a distance of about 6,600 kilometers.


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