Amazing  Facts-File Of The Grand Mosque Of Mecca

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🕋  Size: One million(1,000,000)  square meters

🕋 capacity: Can accommodate two(2) million people

🕋 Receives twenty (20)million visitors yearly

🕋 Is open twenty four(24) hours.

🕋 Is never closed

🕋 Has 1800 cleaners

🕋 Has 40 electric sanitary cleaner cars

🕋 Has 60 electric sanitary machines for cleaning the open courtyards

🕋 Has 2000 Sanitary bins spread all over the premises

🕋 The floor is covered with 40000 carpets (longer than the distance between Jeddah and Makkah(79km))

🕋 13000 restrooms, cleaned four(4) times/6 hourly, daily

🕋 25000 water dispensers(one of the largest water dispensing systems in the world)

🕋 100 random samples of drinking water examined everyday

🕋 Excess water from the Well of Zamzam  is stored in a storage tank with a capacity of 1,700,000(1.7 million), water bottles(10 liter capacity)

🕋 The HARAMAIN recitation services: broadcast of recitation of the holy Qur’ãn; 24/7; recitation using all the ten(10) recognized methods of recitation of the Qur’ãn; more than 5,00,000(half a million) episodes  in 180 countries have been carried out over a span of three(3) years.

🕋 More than 2,000 safety deposit boxes(for safe keeping of personal belongings)

🕋 Hundreds of air-conditioning units(for cooling) scattered all over inside the Mosque.

🕋 The floor of the Mosque reflects away light and heat thereby enhancing heat regulation within the premises.

🕋 Electronic Tour-guide application that can show the location of any part of the Mosque.


🔸 🎤🎧 Elaborate and extremely efficient audio system:


🕋 Margin of error of the audio system: 0%

🕋 6000 loud speakers

🕋 Four(4) different audio systems

🕋 fifty(50) sound-engineering staff

🕋 Copies of the Qur’ãn translated into 65 different languages

🕋 Translation of every Friday sermon into five(5) different languages


🔸 Handicap services/facilities


🕋 10,000 ordinary wheelchairs available for use, free-of-charge

🕋 400 electronically guided wheelchairs available

🕋 Automatic wheelchairs

(2-wheels and 3-wheels)


🔸 RAMADAN Special


🕋 4 million free meals for breaking fast daily,  during Ramadan

🕋 5,00,000 pieces of dates(seeds removed) distributed inside the mosque premises daily during Ramadan

🕋 5,00,000 pieces of dates(seeds removed) distributed outside the mosque premises daily during Ramadan

🕋 After breaking the fast, removing food items and utensils in order to clear the place for performing the Maghrib prayer(Salãh) is accomplished in only two(2) minutes


O’Allah protect Your sacred house and make it easy for whoever intends to go there on pilgrimage or to visit the Prophet’s Mosque and grave in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah (Tayyibah)

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