Ensure proper Hajj education to pilgrims, Sokoto board urges Islamic clerics

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By Basheer Lawal

The Sokoto Pilgrims Welfare Board has urged Islamic scholars in the state to ensure proper education and enlightenment to the intending pilgrims of the state in order to perform the holy exercise correctly.


The representative of the Director Pilgrims Education of the board made this call  on behalf of the Director at the closure of this year’s Hajj Bita programme.


He urged the clerics to ensure proper education of the intending pilgrims, especially the local ones who come from rural areas and have no thorough knowledge on the new technological development, like using of the toilets and escalators.


On her part, Professor Sadia Umar, an official of the board, called on the scholars who are mainly the Hajj guide to focus more on educating the local intending pilgrims on proper performance of acceptable hajj.


In his remark, Sheikh AbduLLah Sani Jos who delivered the address on behalf of professor Mansur Ibrahim, who stressed on the importance of performance of Hajj, maintained that Hajj Sunnah, and Mustahabah parts.


All speakers at the event spoke towards gingering the intending pilgrims to ensure they perform Hajj properly in order to be accepted to God.

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