“Green Holy Sites” initiative to treat 260 tons of waste in the Holy Sites

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The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites represented by “Kadana” Development Company – launched the “Green Holy Sites” initiative with the aim of treating 260 tons of organic and solid waste in the Holy Sites.


The “Green Holy Sites” initiative is in line with the ambitious national initiative “Green Saudi” that focuses on improving the quality of life and protecting future generations by increasing reliance on clean and renewable energy, and achieving sustainability and prosperity in the Kingdom and abroad by reducing carbon emissions by more than 4% of global contributions and raising the percentage of waste diversion from landfills to 94 %.


The ” Green Holy Sites” initiative includes a number of programmes, mainly: the “Ihram” initiative, which aims to recycle tons of discarded Ihram garments into new products, saving up to 45% of the cost of import. The second initiative is “Tadweer”, which is based on sorting and collecting plastic cans and converting them into recycled fabric that is used to make new products.


The third initiative consists of sorting, collecting and treating organic waste and converting it into a natural fertilizer that enhances soil fertility, in addition to the “Tahara” initiative, which seeks to distribute 90,000 sterilizers and personal hygiene kits to pilgrims and workers in the holy sites, and to operate and clean toilets along the pedestrian road in the shaded Mina area, and achieving a significant environmental impact by raising health awareness among the pilgrims.


This initiative and its programs concerned with environmental reform and protection in the Holy Sites will have an economic impact on the local economy of the Holy City of Makkah, by contributing to the local content, creating new job opportunities, and localizing modern technologies in this field, while maximizing the benefits of partnership with the private sector.



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