Hajj 2022: Bangladesh announces three Hajj travel packages

by admin


Bangladesh has announced three government and private travel packages for this year’s Hajj pilgrimages, with significant price hikes since the last time the trip deals were offered.


The government’s package-1 plan will cost Tk 527,340, package-2 will cost Tk 462,150, while a price of Tk 456,530 has been proposed for the private Hajj package, announced State Minister for Religious Affairs Md Faridul Haque Khan on Wednesday.


On Feb 24, 2020, the Cabinet approved the use of Hajj packages. However, no pilgrims were able to make the trip that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Three government packages were announced at the time. Package-1 was priced at Tk 425,000, package-2 at Tk 360,000 and package-3 at Tk 315,000. The price of private packages was announced at Tk 358,000.


This year’s Hajj pilgrimages will begin on Jul 9, subject to the sighting of the moon, he said.


This year, 4,000 people will be able to make the trip through the government’s packages, while 53,585 will be able to make arrangements privately.


Details on the private package will be finalised and announced on Thursday, said Shahadat Hossain Taslim, president of the Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh, or HAAB.


Privately managed Hajj agencies will be able to announce multiple packages in line with the government’s package-1 and package-2, State Minister Faridul said.


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