Ghana Hajj Board Begins Refund to Pilgrims who missed Hajj 2022

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The Ghana Hajj Board has begun making payments to the over 100 people who were unable to embark on the holy pilgrimage this year.


Over three thousand Ghanaians left the shores of the country for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in July 2022 to perform the Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.


The event was cancelled for 2 years due to the advent of Covid-19 and its attendant restrictions.


Due to the numbers requested by the organisers of the annual event, some Ghanaians couldn’t embark on the journey and subsequently demanded a refund of their monies, which the board promised will be paid as soon as the paper works were done.


The Director of Finance at the Hajj Board Alhaji Farouk Hamza in an interview said, so far 85 persons have been fully paid their refund of GH¢39,000.


“Among the 85 were 3 applicants who paid directly to the board, so their cheques were handed to them directly. The others paid through their agents, and we issued their cheques to their agents. There were a few others who paid in 2020, but could not go because the Hajj was cancelled.”


“Those ones were made to top up some GH¢7000 bringing their total payment to GH¢26,500 because the payment for 2020 was GH¢19,500. Those who couldn’t make it and have asked for their refund will receive the full amount.”


The board he said, still has options for people who will want to keep their monies for the journey next year.


“People who want to make a down payment for next year’s trip can do so. However, the fare for next year’s trip is not yet out and so if we put it out, and it happens to be more, they will be required to top up.”


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