Hajj 2023: Bangladesh Pilgrims BTA of $1,200 not part of Hajj Cost – Minister

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Holy Hajj will be held on June 27 this year subject to moon sighting


Apart from all expenses of Hajj, a passenger will be able to take $1,200 dollars or equivalent amount of foreign currency with them.


The Foreign Exchange Policy Department of Bangladesh Bank issued a circular in this regard and sent it to the banks on Tuesday.


According to the notification, every Hajj pilgrim can take $1,200 or its equivalent foreign currency with them apart from the total cost of Hajj. However, the travel quota will not apply to Hajj pilgrims. In this regard, the central bank has instructed to follow the prevailing regulations in the matter of foreign currency concession.


The notification further states that for all the expenses of #Hajj registered under private management, a minimum amount of Tk4,43,529 (equivalent to 15,622 Saudi Riyals) is submitted following the proper financial regulations and sent to Saudi Arabia through the respective agency’s IBAN.


Holy Hajj will be held on June 27 this year subject to moon sighting. According to the Hajj agreement with Saudi Arabia, 1,27,198 people from Bangladesh will be able to perform Hajj this time.


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