Hajj 2023: Indonesia urges Saudi Arabia to restore 100 percent Hajj Quota

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Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas has said that his ministry will ask the Saudi Arabian government to increase the 2023 Hajj quota for Indonesia to 100 percent.

“We have submitted a request for a Hajj quota of up to 100 percent. The Saudi government has the authority to make a decision on this quota,” Minister Qoumas informed during an interview here on Friday.

The minister emphasized that the decision on the Hajj quota still needs to be taken by the Saudi Arabian government.

“The Saudi government has the authority to fulfill quota requests or not,” he said.

During the 2022 Hajj, Indonesia got a Hajj quota of 100,051, or half the number in 2019, due to restrictions imposed on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Regarding the cost of Hajj, the minister said he hopes that there will be a reduction in costs next year so that Hajj pilgrims are not burdened.


The operational costs of this year’s Hajj grew so the government needed additional funds of Rp1.5 trillion.

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