Hajj 2023: NAHCON assures pilgrims of quality service delivery, to penalize service providers who defaulted

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Press Release


Airlift of Nigerian pilgrims to Saudi Arabia for 2023 Hajj has entered its 12th day with about 30 thousand pilgrims safely transported into Madinah for first phase of the operations. At the commencement of the year’s airlift services, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) had mapped out a 25-day airlift plan to be concluded before closure of Jeddah airport on 22nd of June, 2023.


Consequently, NAHCON’s airlift operations is ongoing according to plan.


NAHCON is committed to providing the best services for its pilgrims at all times. To make certain that pilgrims get standard ministrations, a team of staff were dispatched to Saudi Arabia in advance to ensure that accommodations and catering services arrangements are satisfactory before arrival of the country’s pilgrims. Before then, the Commission had screened and selected capable hands in catering services to feed Nigerian pilgrims while in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and secured sufficiently standard accommodations for them.


In addition to these selections, the Commission put in place such mechanisms for checks and balances that would ensure service providers render the services they were paid for dully without shortchanging the Nigerian pilgrims. Among these mechanisms are clearly stated terms and conditions of engagements, signing of agreements to that respect and advance payment for the services; followed by constant monitoring and supervision by NAHCON staff; plus a complaint portal and open door to receive such complaints where any oversight might have occurred. The complaint line is open 24/7 in Hausa, Fulfulde, Yoruba and Igbo on 097000780. Alternatively, one can visit NAHCON’s portal on nahcon.gov.ng then scroll through the resources for complaint management portal.


Hence, NAHCON enjoins any pilgrim with complaint over poor services rendered (whether in poor catering services, transportation, sanitation and other unsatisfactory service delivery); to lodge same through the afore mentioned channels or contact NAHCON’s Madinah and Makkah coordinators with their grievances for such issues to be addressed immediately. NAHCON would not hesitate in taking necessary action where  there is an obvious infraction on welfare of its pilgrims. The Commission  would ascertain such claims and stipulate the right penalties for the defaulters as agreed in the contract award terms.


Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan, NAHCON Chairman, commends Nigerian pilgrims for their resilience and cooperation during airlift schedules without which the  operation would not have been smooth. He similarly commends the States Pilgrims Welfare Boards/Agencies/Commissions for their promptness in responding to departure arrangements which so far has been orderly with minimal delays. Alhaji Hassan likewise commends other stakeholders for playing their parts well for the smoothness recorded in the Hajj operations.


The Chairman assures that Nigerian intending pilgrims’ satisfaction is paramount to the Commission at all times. He called on them again to remain in a state of readiness for their turn to be airlifted to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Fatima Sanda Usara,

Asst. Director, Public Affairs,


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