HAJJ AIRLIFT: NAHCON seeks extension of deadline, proffers solutions to Tour Operators payment Logjam

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Hajj Reporters


The national hajj commission of Nigeria and the leadership of Association of Hajj and Umrah operators OF Nigeria AHUON met in Abuja in an effort to finds solution to the teething operational challenges that has hindered tour operators from accessing visa for their 2022 hajj intending pilgrims.


The meeting was attended by the NAHCON Chairman, Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan, Commissioner of Operations, Alhaji Abdullahi Magaji Hardawa, Commissioner PRISLS, Sheikh Suleman Momoh.


AHUON President Nasidi Yahaya Suleiman and his Vice Haruna Ismail  along with the Vice President in charge of Abuja zone Usman A. Ambursa  attended the meeting.


AHUON Publicity Secretary Nasiru M. Chamo  and the Financial Secretary Ikrimah Muhammad are also in attendance .


Two vital issues discuss at the meeting are challenges pertaining to payment into the International Bank AN account Number of Tour Operators and the consequences of flight cancellations that will comes with financial implications for the Tour Operators.


A statement sent to HAJJ REPORTERS by the Publicity Secretary of AHUON Nasiru Chamo stated that the commission and AHUON has agreed to takes the underlisted steps as a matter of urgency to resolves the lingering operational crises.


The statement said “After elaborate deliberations with the leadership of the Hajj Commission, the following was agreed upon:


“The commission will consent upon receipt in writing request by transferring one tour operator’s slots to another who has no issue with their IBAN to issue a visa.


“Request letter demanding the immediate suspension of online payment of MASHA’IR & UNITED AGENT FEES has been sent to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah affairs to enable the processing of Visas, after which the Mu’assasah can find a way to deduct the funds”.


“A separate letter was also written to the Saudi authorities seeking an extension of airspace closure by 48 hrs to enable Tour Operators in particular and Nigeria in general to airlift all pilgrims”.


“Arrangements for providing rescue flights are on top gear in an effort to evacuate the anticipated backlog of pilgrims”.


“A senior commission official Alhaji BASHIR Jazuli has been mandated to handle all cases of Refund requests expeditiously within 24 hrs”.


May Allah grant us HIS divine intervention. Ameen



Nasir Chamo Muhammad

Publicity Secretary

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