Hajj/Umrah: How to board free shuttle from Kudai parking to Masjid al Haram

by admin



There are buses in Makkah that goes from Kudai parking to Masjid al Haram back-and-forth for free.



Buses will reach bus stops every 5 to 7 minutes, according to different times of the day. The bus stations are near parking area’s. So whenever you park your car in parking area have a look around to find the station for the Makkah bus.


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Bus  1 – Only going to Kudai (so from any place you can get Bus # 1 & drop at Kudai)- if you do not have your own vehicle.



Bus 5 – Going to Haram from Kudai (Al Jiyaad Street) & Coming Back to Kudai from same place where they drop @ Haram.



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