NAHCON Provides GPS -Coordinates To Locate Pilgrims Accommodation In Madinah

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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), has provided a Google map powered coordinates tracking system to help pilgrims locate their accommodation in Madinah.

Although Nigerian pilgrims accommodation in Madinah are located almost within the vicinity of the Holy Mosque, there is often widespread cases of Pilgrims missing their way back to their accommodation.

Spokesperson of NAHCON, Fatima Sanda Usara in a chat with Independent Hajj Reporters said the provision of the coordinates is one of several other measures taken by the commission to help pilgrims perform their Hajj without stress.

She also said ”it is simply about providing the needed information to help the pilgrim.  It is also about making sure that everything that should be known by the pilgrims, journalists and even officials are out there to be accessed”.

Mrs Usara said NAHCON is also providing constant updates both in text, pictures and infographics to enable everyone knows all that they needed to know about Hajj 2019.

”Already, the location of clinics and procedure for accessing medical services are being provided constantly.

” I also know that further information regarding the location of Hotels, the number of pilgrims in each of the hotels and other vital information will be released as Pilgrims continue to arrive in Saudi Arabia. It is simply about providing information, ” she said.

A global positioning system (GPS), is a unique identifier of a precise geographic location on the earth, usually expressed in alphanumeric characters.

This system allows pilgrims to use google map in their cell phones to locate their accommodation in Madina.

The tracking system will help pilgrims who might have gone to other religious holy sites to pay visit which forms part of religious rites to be performed by hajj/umrah pilgrims whenever they are in Madinah.

Accommodation facilities covered by the coordinates are Al Andalus Classy Suites,Al Andalus Dar Al- Salaam, Al Andalus Al Fiddy, Lo’loat Al Andalus, Masat Al Alia, Andalus Al Massi, Halaa Al Andalus, Manazil Al Aswaf, Bahaa Zahraa, Riyad Zahra, Guest Time, Wefadah Zahraa, Elyaas Center 1, Elyaas Center 2 and Elyaas Silver.

See link to the accommodation here:

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