Nigeria runs one of the best Hajj operations in the world- Saudi official

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The Director General and Consultant to the Deputy Minister for Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr Badr Alsolami has stated that Nigeria operates one of the best Hajj operations during the annual Hajj exercise.

Dr Alsolami stated this on Saturday at a workshop for Hajj officials holding at the Hajj House headquarters of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

Dr Alsolami heads a team from Saudi Arabia to train Nigerian Hajj officials and stated that the Ministry decided to organize the workshop because of the seriousness that Nigerian Hajj officials attach to the success of each year’s Hajj pilgrimage.

“Nigeria is one of the best organizing countries that come for Hajj every year. That is why we are here to make sure they continue doing well. I sincerely hope NAHCON wins this year’s award for the best Hajj Affairs office, they deserve it,” he said.

The Saud official revealed that he is familiar with Nigeria and its people and he considers the country his second home.

“I am delighted to come back to my country Nigeria. I am particularly in love with Zaria”, he said.

Dr Alsolami said the workshop will specifically train Nigerian Hajj officials on crowd management and communication. He said his team has prepared well for the workshop and they have come along with a number of products including audio visual materials in both English and Hausa for distribution to Nigerian pilgrims.

“Our goal is to reach every pilgrim for them to understand the services that will be rendered to them and what is expected of them as well”.

He added that the impact of the workshop will be measured during the forthcoming Hajj exercise and the outcome will also be shared with other Hajj participating countries.


NAHCON appreciates gesture

Speaking earlier, NAHCON Chairman, Zikirullah Kunle Hassan expressed Nigeria’s delight in being chosen for the workshop.

“The information we have is that Nigeria is the only beneficiary of this type of workshop among countries from black Africa. We feel honored to be recognized and be part of this training,” he said.

The chairman said NAHCON is known for constant training of all its official in all aspects of Hajj management, adding that Nigeria is the 9nky country that has so far established a Hajj training institute anywhere outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a former University Vice Chancellor as it’s Rector.

“Training is a fundamental part of NAHCON because Hajj requires professionalism I  the areas of ICT, Hajj Management,  Electronic ticketing, catering and the like, hence the establishment of the Hajj Training Institute, “ he added.

Alhaji Hassan also announced that the commission has “mapped out a 25 days strategic airlift plan beginning May 25 that will see to the successful airlift of all Nigerian pilgrims to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”

He said while the advanced team of officials will leave on May 21, pilgrims will start travelling on May 25.

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