Saudi Arabia approves 195 catering providers for Hajj 2022 

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In preparation for Hajj 2022, the Makkah municipality has approved 195 of companies, institutions and kitchen owners who provide food catering.


The municipality stated that the catering services that have been approved could accommodate up to 4.8 million meals per day.

The official spokesman for the Makkah municipality, Osama Al-Zaytouni, has confirmed that the municipality has rehabilitated and empowered several large companies with high potentials in the nutrition field.


The municipality has also provided programs to follow up on catering service providers for Hajj, in accordance with the approved qualification and classification standards and requirements.

Al-Zaytouni said that the municipality has formed a number of field teams of 101 employees to monitor the catering services that will be provided to pilgrims.

He pointed out that the field teams that have been formed include observers, technicians and laboratory specialists.


They will conduct field tours to inspect the catering providers facilities, in addition to taking and analyzing food samples and ensuring its validity.

The Makkah municipality has approved the mechanism and steps to provide meals during Hajj, Al-Zaytouni said.

He indicated that the municipality is still receiving more requests from catering providers wishing to provide their services during the Hajj season this






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