Saudi Arabia delivers 25,000 sacrificial meat to Gaza

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Saudi Arabia’s Project For Utilization Of Hajj Meat (Adahi) has announced the shipment of 25,000 sacrificial animals from Makkah to Gaza Strip, Palestine.
The animals were transported via 13 trucks, which started on the first day of Ramadan and traveled about 1,000 km toward the strip.
Adahi enables pilgrims and Umrah performers to pay the value of Hajj meat and almsgiving under the agreement concluded between Saudi Post and the Islamic Development Bank.
The move to allocate a part of the sacrificed animals to beneficiaries in the Gaza Strip is in line with the Kingdom’s continued support to the Palestinians.
President of the Islamic Development Bank Group and Head of Adahi Dr. Bandar Hajjjar said the allocation of 25,000 sacrificed animals for distribution in the Gaza Strip has been done in coordination with the Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs. He said all necessary measures and precautions have been taken to ensure that the safety and freshness of the meat is preserved upon its arrival in Gaza.
“We have coordinated with the competent authorities in Egypt to facilitate the transport and delivery of Adahi meat through the port of Duba and Safaga toward the Rafah Border Crossing on the Palestinian side,” Dr. Hajjar added.
The meat, which is expected to reach half a million needy people in the strip, is in 10 kg packages, each of which will be received by one beneficiary family.
The meat is distributed to the needy and the poor of the Holy Mosque and the surplus is transferred to poor Muslims in 27 countries.
In 2000, the Adahi project was developed, with over 40,000 employees working in different fields such as management, supervision, slaughtering, shipping and distribution. Every year, 30,000 lambs, cows and camels are slaughtered to be distributed to 30 million poor people and refugees in different countries in Asia and Africa.


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