Saudi Ministry of Hajj approves ‘MyHotels’  as Umrah Online Travel Agency

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Saudi Arabia-based MyHotels announced it had received final approval on September 30, 2021, from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia to serve as an official Umrah Online Travel Agency.


MyHotels is a Saudi online travel agency using an integrated multi-service platform providing a wide variety of services, including accommodations, transportation; individualized package tours; vacation providers, and Umrah Services.

Emad Alabbas, CEO of MyHotels, stated in a related press release, “We have invested a lot and still investing in developing the infrastructure of the MyHotels® to deliver the fastest Umrah platform possible.

“We expanded our partnership in Umrah hotels reservations and the transportation reservation sectors and offering these discounts directly to our partners via our platform.”


“This will be allowing our partners to avoid the stress of commissions targets and incentives policies, letting our partners focusing on their core business.”


MyHotels® Umrah Packages include, but are not limited to the following:


B2C Umrah: Issues an immediate electronic Umrah e-Visa for individuals allows them to enter Saudi Arabia. The package includes hotels in Makkah City and/or Madinah City, transportation, and ground services, including medical insurance from Saudi Umrah Operators.


B2B Umrah: Provides Umrah booking services to the Saudi Umrah Operators and their external agents by enabling them to book Makkah and Madinah hotels/accommodations, transportation/transfers, and instantly generate a BRN ID they can issue Umrah Visas for groups via access with Umrah Systems Services Center.


B2B and B2C customers can learn more about Umrah travel packages by visiting: MyHotels® Umrah. Founded in Saudi Arabia in January 2016, it is headquartered in Makkah.

Additional Approved Umrah Travel Agents are listed on this webpage.

The Government of Saudi Arabia approved certain vaccines for Hajj season 1434 H, including COVID-19, when visiting The Kingdom. Other travel-related vaccines are listed here.





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