Two Indian elderly Umrah pilgrims passed away in Makkah

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Two elderly women hailing from Brahmavara in Udupi district in India have passed away in Makkah, Saudi Arabia while they were on Umrah pilgrimage at the holiest Muslim site.


The deceased women have been identified as Mariyamma (66), and Khatijamma (68), both residents of Kota in Brahmavara in Udupi. The two were reportedly relatives and are part of the same group of Umrah pilgrimage.


According to the details, the group of 34 pilgrims had left for Umrah on March 1 from Mangaluru.


Having completed the Umrah in Makkah, the group was reportedly leaving for Madina when Mariyamma suffered a heart attack and passed away.


Two days later on March 11, Khatijamma also passed away after falling sick.


The family members said their funeral rites were held in Makkah.

Source: dhakar tribue

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