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Hajj News - September 30, 2022

Bangladesh to refund surplus money to 2022 Hajj pilgrims


The religious affairs ministry is set to refund the surplus money to hajj pilgrims who performed the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia this year.


Unused money on house and hotel rentals in Saudi Arabia will be refunded to those who performed hajj under the government management, the religious affairs ministry announced today (September 29, 2022).


This year, around 3,700 pilgrims performed hajj under government management.


Those who performed hajj under package-1 will get Tk 47,726 refund, and pilgrims who performed hajj under package-2 will get Tk 10,293.


The Ministry of Religious Affairs said after completing all due process, money will be given to hajis within the next two weeks.


The unspent money –Tk 9.4 crore has been sent from the Ministry of Religious Affairs to the director of Hajj Office today.


This year, the holy hajj was held on July 8.

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