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2019 hajj - August 25, 2019

How Indian Pilgrim back his 80 year old mum to perform hajj

The 37-year-old Indian pilgrim Anis, who collected his salary for five years, till his mother reached 80 year-old to take her to the Makkah to do the Hajj pilgrimage.

He promised his mother to take care of the costs of Hajj, and that for a long time that when she was in good health, but the state delay the approval of pilgrimage for years till his mother become sick and old and cannot walk, but remained at his promise to her until the approval came.

At Hajj Anis carried his mother on his back and roamed around the Kabah .

Several security officers and volunteers tried to offer help and provide her with a wheelchair, but he refused. Preferring to carry his mother on his back.

Image at the top of righteous parents. May Allah bless him.
Abubakar Muhammad Habu Izala

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