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Global - March 10, 2021

NAHCON Switch-On Hajj Saving Scheme In Nasarawa, Urge Stakeholder’s Support




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As Salam Alaikum, WarahmatullahiWaBarakatuh!


It is indeed a great honor and privilege for me to be here in the historic city of Lafia, (The Homeof Solid the minerals) Nasarawa State for the official Flag-Off and Sensitization of the Hajj Savings Scheme (HSS),


As you may have been well aware, the HSS is a contributory savings scheme enshrine in the NAHCON Establishment Act, 2006 and has been in the offing for more than a decade but was brought to fruition by the current Board which I chair.


We feel it is an idea whose time has come and which is quite crucial and a dream come true for us all if Hajj must be taken to the next level like as it is done in some parts of the world.


The first official launch was done in October 2020 in Kano for the North-West Zone, then in Lagos at the end of last year for the South-West Zone. Today is the turn of our Muslim brothers and Sisters in the part of North-Central (Nasarawa State) to also feel the presence and touch of this great initiative which has become the focal point of the anticipated future of Hajj in Nigeria.



Some of the many benefits derivable from the schemes which we are doing in conjunction with JAIZ Bank Plc., include among others the following:-


  1. Every Muslim can participate and will have the opportunity and chance to perform the Holy pilgrimage without having to sell off their properties or part of their investments or businesses.
  2. Intending pilgrims need not rely or depend on their well to do relations for sponsorship to the Holy pilgrimage.
  3. Intending pilgrims need not to possess or have tons of money at once or at a go to perform the Holy pilgrimage.
  4. The Hajj Savings scheme will also give a lift to the participants in terms of profit sharing on their savings at the end of every year.
  5. The HSS will make Hajj fare affordable in the form of subsidy to contributors.
  6. Hajj Savings Scheme will avail the less privileged Muslims the opportunity of saving enough money over a period of time and when the money would have matured to facilitate their traveling to Saudi Arabia to fulfilling the 5th pillar of Islam.
  7. Finally the Scheme will make subscribers get reward of their intention before actualizing the spiritual journey.


However, the reality for the success of the Scheme however depends on all of us to propagate and support it in every way through encouraging our people to key into this noble scheme. Therefore as we rise from here today, we must all go to work to preach the message of the Hajj Savings Scheme.



Also, It’s my wish to end this address by expressing NAHCON’s sense of commendation to the leadership of the Nasarawa State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board appointed by the State Government, I have interacted with this Board over the past six years, firstly during my tenure in office as Chairman of Osun State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board and secondly since I assumed duty as Chairman/CEO of the Commission. They have really been very great partners in the hajj project. Without mincing words, they deserve our applause.



Finally, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State and all the stakeholders present here. Your presence reflects the spirit of oneness amongst the good people of Nasarawa State and also a demonstration of the resolve by key stakeholders to key into this initiative and ensures its successful implementation.


Thank you all and I wish you Allah’s blessings.


Ma’a Salaam!




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