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Global - July 14, 2021

Outrage as more people attend Jeddah Concerts Compared to Hajj Pilgrims




Pilgrims in Mecca compared to attendees of Mohammed Abdo concert in Jeddah. (Twitter)



Stop the concerts during Hajj season hashtag was widely shared to denounce hosting festivals in the holy land.


Campaigns are being launched on social media denouncing Saudi Arabia’s authorities’ decision to host parties in Jeddah with a massive number of attendees; while tightening measures for those who are coming to Mecca for Hajj season.



Hashtags to boycott the concerts and stop the events were released; people were angered to see low COVID-19 measures and weak social distancing practices being taken during the concerts amid growing fears of a new wave in the kingdom.

صورتان تلخص الوضع في بلادنا:
– الاولى: تمنع الناس من دخول مكة للمشاركة في الحج وفرض إجراءات عقابية لمن سيحج إلا بأرقام محدودة
– الثانية: دعوة الناس للمشاركة في #حفلات_صيف_جدة التي ستكون في أيام الحج.. #اوقفوا_الحفلات_ايام_الحج pic.twitter.com/0i8JNmAwNe

— ا لـتفريط (@TAFRIT_KSA) July 12, 2021


Saudi authorities have tightened coronavirus rules for this Hajj season; revealing that all Hajj crew have taken the vaccine. It further emphasized the idea of punishing COVID-19 rules’ breakers during the Hajj season.


In contrast, people have reported a huge turnout at Jeddah Summer concerts. The Entertainment Authority in Jeddah had earlier revealed its promotional advertisement under the slogan: “Back to noise and rapture.”


هيئة الترفيه تطلق #حفلات_صيف_جدة المزدحمة بالناس، وتطرح إعلانها الترويجي “راجعين للصخب والطرب”، بالتزامن مع إغلاق المشاعر على بعد ساعة واحدة، ليقتصر موسم #الحج مرة أخرى على أقل ما يمكن من الحجاج. pic.twitter.com/LwVg3WrEfO

— أحمد دعدوش (@ahmad_dadoosh) July 12, 2021



Multiple Arab artists are participating in 2021 Jeddah Summer Concerts such as: Mohamad Abdo, Amr Diab, Lebanese singer Yara, Nancy Ajram, Assi El Helani and Mohammad Hamaki; who already held their performances in Jeddah with a large number of people seen cheering and singing; Tickets were also being sold out rapidly.


Three Singers are scheduled to host their gigs today, Tuesday July 13th, Angham, Tamer Ashur, and Mohamed El Sharnouby. Syrian singer, George Wassouf, is expected to hold his concert on July 23rd as the committee announced releasing the tickets.
#فيديو ?

فنان العرب #محمد_عبده يهدي جدة اغنية ضمن حفلات صيف جدة#هيئة_الترفيه #حفلات_صيف_جدة#محمد_عبده_في_جده#صحيفة_المدينة
? تصوير : خالد الحاج pic.twitter.com/FMWwoDeIUO

— صحيفة المدينة (@Almadinanews) July 8, 2021


According to the Hajj ministry in Saudi Arabia, pilgrims will be selected to participate in the Hajj season depending on the fulfillment of health requirements, criteria and availability of spaces.



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