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Global - April 3, 2022

RAMADAN: NAHCON Chairman greets Nigerian Muslims, express hope for large Hajj quota



Press Release


Ramadan Mubarak to all Nigerian Muslims. Considering the circumstances in Nigeria, we as Muslims could not hope for a better time to observe Ramadan than now. All reasons to seek for divine intervention and attitudinal change have emerged in our society.


For us Muslims, Ramadan signifies a time to rejig sincere worship and repentance to the Almighty with a certainty of receiving quick response, once done with sincerity and prayer conditions are fulfilled.


Therefore, Ramadan is a time Muslims intensify prayers, accompanied by an increase in the practice of good deeds, above all reactivating the life-force embedded in brotherhood. With this Ramadan essence in mind, it is my belief that we must confront the current phase our country is passing through as only transitory, with prayers and a resolve to individually change for the better, united by our ideals and not divided by our differences. The enemies within do not distinguish between Muslim or Christian, Hausa- Fulani, Yoruba, or Igbo when they attack soft targets, whether in form of economic sabotage or assault on life. With Ramadan, we have hope that our prayers will be answered. May the Almighty guide us and our security operatives with the wisdom to overcome our societal challenges.



This is also a Ramadan of hope in the sense that the world is resurrecting after the pandemic shutdown. Operations under Hajj and Umrah industry are normalizing starting with restoration of Umrah at full capacity in the Makkah Grand Mosque and Madinah’s Prophet’s Mosque. This gives us in the Hajj Commission of Nigeria immense pleasure.



Therefore, the Commission has made adequate arrangement to monitor the Umrah in order to protect the interest of the muntamireen from Nigeria (Umrah pilgrims). We hence call on all Umrah pilgrims and respectable Licensed Tour Operators to document their agreements and contracts for necessary arbitration in case of contract violation. On behalf of the Commission, I wish all our muntamireen a successful Ramadan Umrah pilgrimage.


As we look forward to a successful Hajj season in 2022, it is my prayer that Allah, (to Whom belongs the most beautiful names) make Hajj 2022 a reality for all Nigerian Muslims who yearn to participate in this year’s exercise. This will come true, by Allah’s grace if Nigeria is allocated an expanded quota for her pilgrims. May He, Who destines events, fulfill the desires of intending pilgrims, from all over the world, to be part of those who will worship Him in a peaceful and gratifying manner on mount Arafat this year. Hajj Mabrur in advance.




Zikrullah Kunle Hassan,

Chairman/ Chief Executive Office,



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