7,800 Libyans Muslim to Perform 2023 Hajj

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The Libyan Deputy Head of Hajj and Umrah Affairs Office, Sabri Al-Buaishi said that the targeted numbers of pilgrims this year include the remaining pilgrims of 2020.

In press a statements sent to HAJJ REPORTERS, Al-Buaishi said that they had given priority to those that remained from 2020, without having to take part in the lottery. In addition to the age groups that were targeted not to go, who are over 65 years old.

Al-Buaishi added that the rest of the 2021 lists will have a lottery this year, to supplement the existing number of the 2020 lottery. This is estimated at 7,800 pilgrims, and will take place between the 15-17 of Shawwal.

Al-Buaishi indicated that those who remained from the 2021 lottery will be able to perform Hajj in 2024.

Regarding the accommodation of Libyan pilgrims, Al-Buaishi affirmed that the authority has contracted with the Anjum Hotel in the central area for pilgrims, and the Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel. In addition to transport companies within Saudi Arabia. As for Medina, the authority has contracted with 5-star hotels in front of the Prophet’s Mosque directly.

Al-Buaishi confirmed that things are going well in preparation for the current season of Libyan pilgrims this year.

Libya’s Afriqiyah Airways announced that it has operated two flights to Jeddah Airport, in order to bring pilgrims home.

The announcement by Afriqiyah Airways came hours after the circulation of pictures of Libyan pilgrims waiting at Jeddah airport to return to Libya.

150 Umrah pilgrims returned to Tobruk International Airport, via the OIA Air airline.

Last week, Libyan Airlines announced the start of return flights with pilgrims after performing Umrah rituals for this year through its planes.


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