All arriving travelers must enter institutional quarantine- Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia Ministry of interior has issued a new guideline for all travelers arriving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of measure to control the Covid 19.



The new guidelines stipulates that visitors that has not been vaccinated coming from countries that are non in the list of country facing ban must go into institutional quarantine upon their arrival in Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Press Agency reported that official sources at the Ministry of Interior said this on Monday


The move, which will come into force on May 20 (Thursday), makes it mandatory for all unvaccinated travelers to abide by institutional quarantine procedures for a period of 7 days and obtain a valid health insurance document to cover the risks of coronavirus.


The institutional quarantine is enforced at a facility under the supervision of the health authorities as opposed to home quarantine.

The unvaccinated travelers also must undergo a PCR test for coronavirus on the first and seventh day of their arrival.

The measures exempt the following categories;

— Citizens, citizens’ spouses, sons and daughters of citizens, and domestic workers accompanying any of the aforementioned groups.

— Unvaccinated domestic workers accompanying a vaccinated resident.

— Vaccinated travelers

— Official delegations

— Those holding diplomatic visas, diplomats and their families residing with them

— Airline crew, sea crew

—Truck drivers and their assistants from all ports

— Those involved in health supply chains, according to the Ministry of Health.

The source stressed the need for everyone to adhere to precautionary measures and preventive measures, and not to be complacent in applying health requirements.



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