Bollywood actor Ali Fazal performs Umrah

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 Bollywood actor Ali Fazal has shared a video of himself performing Umrah on the social media app Instagram.

The star wrote that he visited Mecca and Medina following the completion of his upcoming Hollywood project Kandahar in Saudi Arabia.

He dedicated it to his mother – who died on June 17, 2020 from health complications – and to his grandfather.

“To Medina and then to Mecca!” What a way to end my shoot! the caption read. “I’m really blessed, I think, in so many ways. I like to think at least.

“This one was for Amma and Nana. Their loss will never heal me…maybe healing isn’t the answer. Search is. We will find out. But I prayed and I prayed for everyone around me. Family, friends and anyone who needs love.

He added that there is more that people like to give and receive. He went on to add that he had “appled some serious love” for them.

The video received millions of likes from app users.

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