Drugs: NAHCON warns Umrah pilgrims on baggage handling at airports

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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) has warned Nigerians traveling to Saudi Arabia especially for Umrah (lesser hajj) to be wary of unsolicited assistance from unknown persons at departure points.
Spokesman of the commission Uba Mana said yesterday in a statement that the unknown persons usually rush on the travellers, especially VIPs to offer assistance in carrying their luggage’s to weighing and check in counters.
“Information received indicated that these unsuspecting people offering assistance have now developed a plot where they plant drugs on such VIP luggage and such is now creating problem for travellers.
“To stop this nefarious activity, the NAHCON is advising all Umrah pilgrims irrespective of status to henceforth ensure they accompany their luggage up to the last point at the checking in counters and also endeavour to properly secure their luggage,” Mana said.
He said the Saudi Arabia authorities are very strict with the laws prohibiting the transportation of drugs or any contraband.
He said it is common that whenever VIPS are travelling, lots of people accompany them carrying their luggage and that in the process may implant suspecting substances in their luggage.
“This advisory becomes necessary following the arrest of some Umrah pilgrims who are victims of such activity,” he added.

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