Hajj 2019 : Saudi deploys medical robots, 50,000 health employees in Mina

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By Garba Muhammad in Mina


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ministry of health said it has deployed 50,000 male and female health employees and dedicated 25 hospitals with advanced medical facility for the over 1.8 million Pilgrims performing this years Hajj.

Spokesperson of the ministry of health Mr. Mohammed at a press conference in Makkah, also said the ministry has deployed medical robots designed to give medical assistance to pilgrims.

Mr Mohammed also stated that their hospitals have so far performed 25 open heart surgery, 16,015 renal failure dialysis and 600 general surgeries.

“We have also provided 125 Health Centres, 17 Emergency Centres and 18 Ambulance Centres located in different parts of Hajj routes for immediate treatment of medical emergencies.

“Preventive majors is a very important part of our operation, hence,  preventive medicines are administered to all Hajjis coming through airports, road boarders and sea areas,”  he said.

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