Hajj 2021: Saudi Red Crescent assemble 170 ambulatory vehicles, 750 Personel to serve pilgrims

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Manpower are empowered with more than 170 ambulatory vehicles, consisting of 144 ambulance, 22 motorcycles, 10 golf carts and 2 disaster vehicles


The Saudi Red Crescent Authority has completed preparations for receiving and serving guests of Allah in Hajj 2021 H season by taking advantage of cutting edge technical approaches for providing high quality ambulatory services with their assets of manpower and fleets of ambulance vehicles, disaster vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts and services vehicles prepared for ambulatory field services.

The Authority is participating in this Hajj season allocating more than 549 medical staff of emergency medical specialists and doctors distributed among 51 ambulance centers in the Holy Capital city, Mina and Muzdalifah holy areas and Arafat as well Support Center.

The manpower are empowered with more than 170 ambulatory vehicles that consists of 144 ambulance vehicles, 22 motorcycles, 10 golf carts and 2 disaster vehicles in addition to other vehicles to support ambulatory and administrative works during Hajj season.

With more than 106 operators of different specialties, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority will receive emergency calls to perform necessary actions of dispatching and following up with ambulatory teams until reaching emergency location and transfer victims to proper medical institution.

Volunteering teams will also be a supportive arm in the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Hajj season with more than 300 volunteers (66% male – 34 % female volunteers) in various medical and health specialties to provide ambulatory services at allocated centers in the holy areas as well spreading awareness and health education to pilgrims regarding coronavirus pandemic.

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority President Dr. Jalal Al Owaisi stressed that the Authority have put their entire capabilities and efforts in action to serve pilgrims in this Hajj season to provide the best ambulatory services.

Dr. Al Owaisi added that the Authority has prepared Hajj program plan since the end of the previous Hajj season in order to prevent any obstacles and to have continuous enhancement to elaborate the quality of ambulatory services; and that came with monitoring every positive and negative results that occurred in previous seasons in order to contribute in coming with exceptional Hajj season according to the directives of the wise leadership.


Saudi Gazette


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