Hajj 2022: Only 46,700 Hajj pilgrims still remains in Madinah

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As of Friday, the number of pilgrims remaining in Madinah stood at 46,700, the Mayoralty of Madinah region announced.

The mayoralty stated that the total number of Hajj pilgrims who visited Madinah during the #Hajj season of 2022 is more than 332,000 pilgrims.

About 2121 pilgrims arrived on Friday, including 2030 pilgrims who arrived via 50 bus trips through the immigration center, and 91 pilgrims came by train with a total of 7 trips.

The mayoralty said in its statement that medical services were provided to 957 pilgrims, while noting that the occupancy rate of housing was 19 percent.

As for the pilgrims who left #Madinah on Friday, their number reached 12,828 pilgrims, the mayoralty added.


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