Saudi Public Health urges pilgrims having symptoms of “Post-Hajj disorder” to take rest

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Saudi Arabia’s Public Health Authority (Weqaya) urged those who are suffering from symptoms of ‘post-Hajj disorder’ to take rest until disappearance of the symptoms.


The Weqaya recommended avoiding contact with others when suffering from cold or flu symptoms after returning from Hajj, and consult a doctor in the event of worsening the symptoms.


The Weqaya defined ‘post-Hajj disorder’ as a condition of common symptoms and not a disease in itself, as it happens when the pilgrim is exhausted during the hectic performance of the Hajj rituals and these disappear if they take rest and use painkillers in some cases.


The Weqaya said the symptoms include feeling exhaustion, sleep-wake cycle disorders, pains in the muscles, headaches, tension, darkening of the skin, and the common cold.


The causes of these symptoms are due to frequent movement, prolonged exposure to the sun, failure to wear mask and covering the nose and mouth properly, and exposure to cold and influenza viruses.



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