Hajj diaries: ‘We didn’t dress in jewels, we dressed in joy’

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Two pilgrims share their personal journey during this year’s Hajj


As pilgrims reflect on their #Hajj experience, many say how it has been life-changing, with memories they will never forget.


Dina, a Jordanian pilgrim, shared her personal journey with The National.


“We didn’t dress up in lavish clothes and jewels, we dressed in joy,” Dina said.


“The memories I made here are priceless, and they are all with strangers with whom I have spent the days of Hajj and created a deep bond with.


“I can’t explain it. But caring for each other through every step may be one reason.


“From carrying each other’s loads on the long journey between sites, pushing wheelchairs for people in our group or applying soothing ointments to ease their pain and heal blisters on their feet from walking in the heat, we have done it all.

“It feels so good to be there for each other regardless of where they come from. It’s an invaluable and hidden lesson that Hajj teaches us.”


Asma, a Saudi pilgrim, also shared her experience at this year’s Hajj.

“Today was the first day we got to relax,” Asma said. “Once we took off our ihram, purified ourselves and dressed for tawaf, we went to the Grand Mosque and offered dhuhr prayers and tawaf al ifadah.


“We met our friends from other camps on the way there and in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque.


“We exchanged Eid greetings and had a fresh meal together before we prayed asr in the Grand Mosque and came back to our camp.


“It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to do that with people you just met.”


#Pilgrims will stay another two days in Mina to complete the stoning ritual at the Jamarat and perform tawaf al wada before they leave #Makkah on Thursday.



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