Haram leadership reiterates readiness to host pilgrims during last ten days of Ramadan

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The Agency of the General Presidency for Technical and Service Affairs in the two Grand Mosques in Makkah and Madina has reiterated its readiness to host pilgrims for the last ten days of the blessed month of Ramadan.


This, it said, will be done through an integrated system “that works round the clock” according to a report by GHA.gov.sa on Saturday.



The report says the new system works to intensify the operations of “disinfection, sterilization, operation, transportation, and vehicles inside the Grand Mosque”.



The system also takes care of the opening the doors of the Grand Mosque, and organizing entry And exit from it by determining the paths for people with special needs through it, and distributing the blessed Zamzam water bottles to the prayer halls


The new agency will also coordinate with  relevant authorities to organize safety measures in and out of the Mosques.


Disinfection and sterilization:

The Agency has also allocated several teams for disinfection and perfuming work throughout the Grand Mosque and its facilities, “so that the Grand Mosque is washed (10) times and performed by more than (4000) workers, and in each disinfection process that consumes more than (80 thousand) liters of disinfectants. And (1600) liters of fresheners, and the cleansing operations are carried out with the finest types of disinfectants that were specially brought to the Grand Mosques, and sterilization operations are carried out around the clock using approximately (15,000 liters) of sterilizers to sterilize all surfaces and floors in order to create a healthy, devotional atmosphere free from epidemics”.


The report says more than (70) field teams are working 24 hours to sterilize all sides of the Grand Mosque, its external squares, and toilets, with materials that have been carefully selected to make it environmentally friendly, for the safety of those visiting the Grand Mosque, and more than (500) automatic devices have been distributed.


The agency will also intensify the watering services for visitors and worshipers with about (200 thousand) packages to be distributed over the parking lot by special carts, in addition to about (200) bags “in the endeavor, the funeral chapel, the prayer room for people with special needs, the first floor and the general expansion of King Fahd, as well as the expansion of King Abdullah”. In general, the entrances and stairs were supported by teams of cylindrical bags, which numbered about (370) with more than (1000) workers.



Mobility services:

The Mobility Services Department has also  raised its readiness level to serve the visitors by equipping more than (5,000) regular vehicles and nearly (3,000) electric vehicles for those in need to facilitate the transportation of worshipers and pilgrims through the mezzanine floor on the first round of the circumambulation process.


It consists of four entrances to the Grand Mosque, namely: (the Shabikah entrance via the Shabika Bridge (Gate 64), the entrance to the Ahayad bridge, the entrance to the Al-Arqam staircase, the entrance to the Marwa (above the roof of the Qashashi courses), with posters placed at the distribution sites emphasizing the application of social distancing and not crowding, upon request Service, and stickers on vehicles confirming that the vehicles have been sterilized before and after use.


The doors:

The agency has recruited more than (100) observers at the gates of the Grand Mosque designated for receiving worshipers and directing them to the places designated for them to organize the process of entry and exit of worshipers, guide them to prayer halls, and support security personnel in diverting and directing worshipers when the prayer halls are full.



Operating and Maintenance:


Among the most important tasks of the agency is to supervise the follow-up of the operational status of all escalators and elevators, and to ensure the readiness of all their parts and the operational plan of the operators of stairs and elevators is followed up, as more than (90) engineers and technicians from the national cadres are supervised in the campus. Al-Makki and its squares, which number more than (200) escalators and (14) elevators, as well as inspect the sound system consisting of approximately (8000) speakers, as well as inspect the sound system consisting of approximately (8000) speakers and (9) microphones for the imam, and ( 6) for the muezzin



The agency is also concerned with softening the air in the courtyards of the Grand Mosque, using the technology (spray cooling) by absorbing thermal energy from the outside air, to reduce its temperature. The number of spray fans is about (250) distributed over the squares of the Grand Mosque, at a height of about four Meters and a diameter of up to (38 inches), with an air flow velocity of up to (1100 CFM) and up to approximately (10) meters, and they are operated at times of prayers and when the grounds of the Grand Mosque are full and the temperature rises.



It is noteworthy that these works come under the supervision and follow-up of the Under-General for Technical and Service Affairs, Mr. Muhammad bin Musleh Al-Jabri, in accordance with the directives of His Excellency the General President for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque Sheikh Professor Dr. Abdul-Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais to provide the best services to the Two Holy Mosques and their destinations.



Source: Gph.gov.sa

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