IN DETAILS: Operational Plan For Ramadan In Masjdi Al Haram

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Sheikh Sudais had earlier today briefed Media on the operational plan for the month of Ramadan in Masjid Al Haram


Sheikh Sudais begins by welcoming all the Media Platforms to this session. The Press Briefing is based on the upcoming season of Ramadhan.


He said that the briefing is It is being held to highlight the efforts of leadership whilst fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and the plan for Ramadhan.


Sheikh Sudais then thanks appreciate the efforts of all the relevant media departments who share the latest information about the Two Holy Mosques, making mention of the several languages the information gets translated into.



He emphasized that the current operations plan is based on sound values, diligence and the message at the core of the Two Holy Mosques as well as transition towards a digital experience, whilst maintaining a spiritual atmosphere.


Sheikh Sudais encouraged the viewers to consider taking the COVID-19 vaccine as a tool to combating the Pandemic.


Bellows are highlight of the measure to be adopted during the Ramadan period:


There is a possibility that areas in the new expansion and surrounding courtyards will be open depending on the circumstances at the time. • Translation services to be furthered, with the availability of various apps for pilgrims and having most content translated.


Iftaar spreads will be postponed Permission will be given only to enter with dates, there will be no permission to share any food


Iftar services will be postponed, although there will be an opportunity for volunteers to help with the distribution of meals if health directives approve. •

Supervision: Strict overseeing the implementation of services throughout the Two Holy Mosques.


The Mataaf will only be open for pilgrims performing Umrah, with a valid permit. No Salaah will be allowed on the Mataaf. •


Face masks will be mandatory for all before entering the Two Holy Mosques. •


Hand Sanitizer stations will be available throughout.


The Library of Masjid-al-Haram as well as The Exhibition of the Holy Qur’an, The Exhibition of the Sites of Haramain and The King Abdul Aziz complex for the the Kiswa of The Holy Kaabah will open between 12pm and 6am. •


Over 200 000 bottles of Zamzam will be distributed daily.




  1. The usual Prayer Rakats of Taraweeh and Tahajjud which is 20 +3 was reduced to 10+3.


  1. Worshippers will be allowed to pray in the Abdullah Expansion, first floor, roof, and Courtyards in Masjid Al Haram


  1. The Mataaf area will remain closed to all except Umrah Pilgrims.


  1. Umrah pilgrims will not be allowed to touch the Ka’bah, and the usual separation will remain in place.


  1. Iftar spreads will be suspended, instead, individual distribution will be conducted.


  1. I’tikaf will remain suspended in the last 10 days this year as well.


  1. Zamzam water supply will remain suspended and will be supplied individually through personnel and bottles.


  1. Permission to enter the Grand Mosque will only be allowed with valid permits issued via the Eatmarna App





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