It is a great honor and a nice feeling to work within the Holy Kaaba – Tawaf Path organizers

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The workers organizing the Tawaf movement around the Holy Kaaba expressed their great pleasure and honour for being in the service of pilgrims and worshipers near the Holy Kaaba during the blessed month of Ramadan.


The crowd and broadcast employees talked about the nature of their duties in (18) paths around the Holy Kaaba, which included confirming wearing a muzzle, applying physical distances, monitoring crowd movement and paths for people with disabilities, and monitoring notes, if any.


One of the employee, Rashid Al-Zahrani, said: I cannot describe My feelings as I go to do my work next to the Holy Kaaba, a beautiful feeling that will remain stuck in my minds as long as I am alive.



“I am one of those honored to serve pilgrims and worshipers in light of the exceptional circumstances that the world is going through due to the pandemic, indicating the extent of his admiration for the unlimited support that the two holy mosques enjoy and the system of services Makassedhma in the era of the kings of Saudi Arabia



One of the employee Majed Al Fellit, who works on Zamzam water distribution vehicles, said that he and his colleagues distributed the packages at the entrances and exits of the Mataf according to well-thought-out plans prepared by the administration to fulfill the requirements of precautionary measures and preventive measures, indicating that the vehicles are specially designed to carry containers of Zamzam water and move them between the entrances and exits



Those in charge of distributing Zamzam water expressed the extent of their pride in working in the Grand Mosque to serve pilgrims and worshipers. He stressed that the sincere invitations appeal to them every day in exchange for their services make them spare no effort in order to provide maximum efforts to serve the guests of the Most Merciful during the holy month






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