JUST IN: Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrim killed, several injured in Saudi Arabia bus crash

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A Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrim has been killed and several others injured when a bus crashed due to a tyre burst in Saudi Arabia.

The incident occurred 100 km away from Madinah in Wadi al-Fara around 11 am local time on Saturday, said Fakhrul Islam, first secretary (press) to the Bangladesh embassy.

The casualties could not be identified immediately.

After completing the Hajj rituals, the Bangladeshi pilgrims were travelling to Madinah to visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad, said Secretary Fakhrul.

“One of the tyres of the bus burst, causing the accident. There were 35 passengers on board.”

Of the injured people — some of whom were in critical condition — four have been admitted to Wadi al-Fara Hospital, eight to King Fahad Hospital, seven to Miqat Hospital and two victims were taken to Ohud Hospital.


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